Eagle View Escape.

Eagle View Escape is the original creation of a Swiss man named Tom, who many years ago would water ski upon the majestic waters of Lake Lyell and would often look up onto this hillside, dreaming of building a romantic escape. And build he did! Tom purchased 110 acres, toiled the soil by hand and commenced building. A true labour of love, his long held dream was about to unfold.

After several years of hard work, the property was graced with twenty four guest rooms, each enjoying beautiful vantage points of Lake Lyell and its surrounding valleys & hillsides. We, the current owners, were blessed to purchase the property from Tom in 2006 and have continued to host, with much delight, the many couples who come to stay, week in and week out.

In 2012 we decided to build one very last suite on the property, our twenty fifth room, The Penthouse Spa Suite. Tom, the Swiss man, heard of our building ventures and returned to help us piece together the build! It was a wonderful season in the history of Eagle View Escape; Tom’s passion only served to further ignite our passion; and the dream for all of us became complete.

We do not take for granted the honour bestowed on us when you, our guests, arrive to escape with your someone special. In fact it is our daily aim to meet or exceed your expectations each and every time. To this day, we continue to live the dream - hosting guests on what many refer to as ‘heaven on a hillside’.